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REASONS NOT  TO CHOOSE A COLLEGE There is plenty of advice on how to choose a college, however, I suspect that many of you don't consider that advice to be half as good as what your friends tell you. So maybe you need to approach this decision from another angle - reasons why you shouldn't choose a college.

If you base your decision to attend a college on one or more of the following reasons you may be setting yourself up for a very unhappy experience and ultimately will want to transfer to another school or drop out:
1. It is too hard to figure this all out and you want to enjoy your senior year, so you make the easiest decision.
2. You apply early decision because you think that gives you a better chance even though you aren't sure that it is the right school.
3. You don't think that you are smart enough so why try for a 'reach' school.
4. You want to be the smartest in the class so you choose a 'safety' school.
5. You want to go where all your friends are going because making new friends is too scary.
6. Your boy/girl friend is going to College X and you are afraid that the relationship won't last if you don't follow.
7. You want to go as far away from your family as you can so that you can be truly independent.
8. You want to stay close to your family because they provide your emotional support.
9. Your parents want you to go to their beloved alma mater because they are sure you will love it too.
10. You have no first hand knowledge of the school, it just sounded good in the guidebooks or someone told you it would be a good school for you.
11. You think that the school is the only place where you can be happy, so why look further.
12. You are impressed with the high ranking of the school in U.S News and World Report.
13. You plan to spend all your time studying so it doesn't matter that the school doesn't have anything else that interests you.
14. None of the academic programs excite you, but the social life at the school fulfills all your dreams.
15. You think that the prestige of the school is all that counts.
16. The extra curricular activity of skiing, beaching, hiking or whatever is what is really important.
17. The weather where the school is located will make the school great since you are tired of the rain.
18. You are bored with small town life so you think that a big city is what you want even though you have never been in one.
19. The price tag is cheap.
20. You are convinced that you won't get enough financial aid so why even try.

Although some of these reasons will in evidently be part of your decision-making process just make sure they aren't a driving force. I advise that you think again if any of these reasons are overly influencing your decision.

Judith Christie
College Planning Consultants