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COLLEGE SUMMER PROGRAMSStudents often ask what they can do to strengthen their college applications. They tend to overlook activities during their summer vacation that could not only do this, but could also be a wonderful introduction to college life. This experience could also broaden their ideas of what they are looking for in their future education.

One option is to attend an academic summer program at a college or university. If this sounds appealing then now is the time to research programs and apply. Nearly 30,000 high school students attend these programs every summer. Brown, The University of Chicago, Columbia, Cornell, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, University of Pennsylvania, Stanford, Washington & Lee, Yale, and many other institutions off rich and challenging programs to high school students.

Unlike many summer programs these are not like summer camps. They are academically challenging and can range from the study of sports management at Duke University to the study of modern art at NYU to producing and directing at the University of Southern California . Although in some cases attendance in such a program might enhance your chances of acceptance at a university, by no means should you ever presume that attendance at one of these programs would mean an automatic acceptance to a particular institution. A recommended book that focuses on summer college programs for high school students and offers more information about this option for students is "Early College Programs" by Robert Hydrisko. More information and applications to various programs can be found in the Career Center.

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