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Thank you so much for all your kind, expert and wise help with Greer's and Wynn's college search and application...more
--Phil Michael, parent of Greer, University of San Francisco, 2012; Wynn, Stanford University, 2014

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WHEW! IT'S OVER!! THINK AGAINPractically without exception that is the reaction of both student and parent when the last college letter has been received, the financial aid has been sorted out and the final decision has been made. Senioritis has been survived, finals are over and graduation is celebrated. Now what?

STUDENTS – How to survive the summer:
This is going to be a very different summer for many of you. For most, the reality of leaving home and friends is going to be a mix of excitement and anxiety. Be assured, the butterflies you feel and the contrasting emotions are normal. You are not sick, just nervous. Some of the causes of your flipping stomach may be:

  •   Meeting new people – not just one or two, but lots
  •   Meeting different kinds of people – ethnic, religious, geographical origins
  •   Getting along with roommates – you may or may not
  •   Being independent and having more freedom – you are your own master – sort of
  •   Worry about handling the responsibility, making decisions, managing time – no one will be nagging you
  •   Excitement about having fun, but worried about handling parties, drugs, sex and alcohol – you are the decision maker – take this seriously
  •   Being lonely – yes, even you will be lonely
  •   Excitement, concern and ambivalence about leaving home, family and friends – no one escapes this feeling

What can you do to make your summer butterflies rest and have a great college experience? Here are some ideas:

  •   Pay attention and respond to college mail:

  •   housing options – first come, first served
  •   meal plans – you will want to eat
  •   course selections – get the courses you want
  •   campus organizations – join something
  •   orientation invitations – go – get to know students and campus

  •   Roommate selection - be honest, be truthful, be nice
  •   Decide what to bring – remember dorm rooms are small, you can’t spill out in the hallway and if you are moving a distance, it all has to be stored next summer or hauled back home
  •   Develop a system of time management – get enough sleep, use a pocket calendar
  •   Plan to participate in campus life – talk to people, listen to people, get acquainted with your professors – at least one, go to events, leave your dorm door open while in, get a list of campus clubs and activities
  •   Work out an agreeable plan to phone/email home – keep parents in the loop
  •   Think ahead about the party scene and how to avoid alcohol and drug abuse, smoking – make a conscious choice

Congratulations for a job well done and best wishes for a very successful college career.

Judith Christie
College Planning Consultants