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As the oldest child in my family, I donít have an older sibling or cousin to model how the college...more
--Isobel Whitcomb, Scripps College, 2017, Theo Whitmcomb, University of Redlands, 2019; Helen Whitcomb, Scripps College and U Redlands parent

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COLLEGE TIPS FOR HIGH SCHOOL FRESHMEN 1. Take courses that will give you a strong base to build upon in the next three years.

2. Take your grades seriously---even freshman year counts.

3. Keep your attendance record up and your behavior record clean.

4. Test out volunteer/community service opportunities---these will build your resume.

5. Get involved in extra curricular activities. Begin to think about picking one or two that you plan to continue for four years and maybe in college.

6. Start thinking about who you are and what you like. What subjects do you like? What areas of study might you like to explore more? What outside activities do you enjoy?

7. It is not too early to think about what kind of a college you would like to attend. Visit college campuses if the opportunity presents itself. Talk to adults and older students about their choices.

8. Browse some college sebsites of the common application website to get an idea of what a college will ask of you.

9. Parents and student should begin having open and honest discussion about college finances.

10. Meet with your high school counselor to be sure that you are on track.
Judith Christie
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