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Jan is more then a college consultant; she is a friend and a mentor. I worked with her as a...more
--Hannah Ewing, Kenyon College, 2015

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Testimonials Patient Facilitator
I would highly recommend Jan to any family who is facing the challenging and often emotionally charged college search process. She worked beautifully with my daughter as well as my husband and I. Jan helped facilitate and guide productive communication and decision making with all of us, from the beginning where initial colleges were selected, and all the way through the process until our daughter settled on her college choice. It was so helpful for us to have Jan mediate issues that arose between our daughter and ourselves. She was patient and always the Ďvoice of reason.'
--Nora Knox, mother of Madison, University of Oregon, Clark Honors College, 2015

Testimonials Unwavering support and encouragement
I really appreciate how much Jan helped me with my college applications. My entire family and I are grateful to have been aided by someone as knowledgeable and resourceful as she is. I wouldn't have been able to do this without her. Thanks again, Jan, for your unwavering support and encouragement!
--Aneesh Chandramouli, UC Berkeley, 2015

Testimonials Helpful from start to finish
Jan was helpful from start to finish. The college process can be a huge ordeal and stressor, but with Janís guidance applying to school became less of a chore and more of something I really wanted to do well. Her feedback on essays was invaluable and made me feel more confident about my writing when I submitted applications. Also, I loved knowing I could call her if something came up that I was worried or nervous about. It was a huge relief to have someone who knew the way colleges work and how best to go about applying. I canít imagine what I would have done without Janís practicality and knowledge.

I cannot recommend Jan enough. She is thoughtful, knowledgeable and patient. Although she worked primarily with my daughter, she was available to me as well and was always happy to help and advise. She created a good framework from which to work and made the whole application process much more understandable. Having someone with her expertise made the process much easier.

--Smith Freeman, Reed College, 2014; Holly Freeman, Reed College Parent

Testimonials Expert and wise
Thank you so much for all your kind, expert and wise help with Greer's and Wynn's college search and application process. We are so very grateful to have found you. No one could have been better. I am certain your sensitive guidance helped both Greer and Wynn find and gain acceptance to the two colleges that were the perfect match for each of them, colleges that I am certain will profoundly and positively change their lives forever. Please use us as a reference for any family shopping for a college counselor. We'll tell them you are the best. Thanks again.
--Phil Michael, parent of Greer, University of San Francisco, 2012; Wynn, Stanford University, 2014

Testimonials The Help We Needed
My daughter Olivia had a clear idea of what she wanted in a college; I wanted to help her manifest her dreams. After plowing through many resources, the path to college entrance still felt muddy. Then we discovered Jan, who patiently, diligently and professionally cleared the way. Jan was the expert my daughter (and I) needed! Her dedication to our family was invaluable, and I wouldn't have a moment's hesitation in recommending her.

--Lorraine Florio, parent of Olivia, Johns Hopkins University, 2013; Angelica, George Washington University, 2015

Testimonials Amazing support
Jan provided so much amazing support throughout this crazy college process. I don't know what I would have done without her. It was reassuring to always be able to ask her questions. Whenever we weren't sure about something, it was okay because we could "Just call Jan!"
We appreciated her insights and knowledge. They were invaluable!

--Lila Schreiber, Harvard University, 2012